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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year R

16th May

We were very lucky to have some special visitors this week. As part of our awesome animals topic we got to meet Bella the donkey, Dinky the pony and Fred and Barney the goats. We loved getting up close to them, being able to stroke them, brush them and even feed them!

6th May

In our phonics sessions this week one of the words we were learning to read was nest. We had lots of discussions about what they were and how the animals made them. In our woods we even had a go at making our own nests for a bird.

28th March

This week the children have enjoyed learning about measures for our Maths. We have taken part in a range of activities such as working out how tall we are and we loved seeing how far we could throw our wellies. For our fantastic Friday this week we also loved playing human hungry hippos!

7th February

On Friday it was wear your scarf to school day, as part of our wellbeing and PSHE curriculum, and we enjoyed taking part in lots of activities. We looked at the book "The tell me tree" and each of us had a go at making our own trees. We also enjoyed joining in with the rest of the school as we joined all of our scarves together. 

31st January

This week we have been looking at Chinese New Year. We have been reading the story of the zodiac and taking part in some Chinese traditions. For our Fantastic Friday, we have been making Chinese dragons, red envelopes to hold lucky coins and making large Chinese lions with our outdoor construction area. We also decorated a biscuit as a treat!

In our woods this week we have been inspired by Winnie the witch and have been making our own potions! We had to find all the ingredients, mix them together and come up with the magic words. There were potions which turned you into superheroes, glitter monsters and even to make ice cream!

17th January

We have all had a go at showing our creative sides this week by trying a printing technique called hapa zome. We first searched for some leaves to use and placed them between a folded piece of material. Next came the fun part! We had to hit the material with a rolling pin many times for the leaf to be printed onto the sheet. We were very happy with how they turned out.

10th January

Walk the plank! The children have been turning themselves into pirates this week and have enjoyed making pirate hats, treasure maps, swords and even a big pirate ship where they could walk the plank over shark infested waters! We have also been making the most of the cold weather and have enjoyed going on winter walks, exploring the frost and the ice. Some of us spotted some animal footprints in the ice and we were being detectives to see if we could work out who left them. 

4th January

This week we have been very busy becoming scientists looking at change and taking part in some experiments and activities. We had a go at trying to make our own salt dough, carefully following the instructions before having great fun playing and moulding it. The children have also enjoyed finding what happens when you add glowsticks to hot and cold water. 

13th December

Christmas Week! This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit by taking part in a range of festive activities, performing our Christmas songs and meeting some very special visitors. Some children decided to fly in Santa's sleigh and deliver lots of presents, some played pin the nose on Rudolph and others have been ordering baubles to 20 in maths. After singing our songs to our grown-ups we were also very lucky to get to meet and stroke, Taffy and Rocky, two very well behaved donkeys!

6th December

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week enjoying Christmas jumper day, our Christmas dinner and playing games at the Christmas party. We have also been making 2D shapes using lolly sticks and picking up our friends using our bus stops around the playground.

29th November

We were very lucky this week as we had some special visitors come in to see us. Caroline and Harold the giraffe came in and taught us about our bodies and how they worked. We loved meeting Harold and enjoyed seeing the insides of our bodies!

22nd November

The children this week have been firefighters, building their own fire engines and putting out the fires around our playground. We have also enjoyed doing some tree rubbings in our outdoor classroom.

15th November

We have been learning about Diwali this week, finding out about the festival of light and how people celebrate it. We enjoyed trying some of the traditions such as rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns, dancing and even making our own diva lamps. 

8th November

This week the children have been very excited to explore our new Reading Shed for the first time. They have enjoyed looking at the books and retelling some of their favourite stories using some puppets and toys with their friends.

1st November

Delivery Drivers Wanted!

Some of the children this week have been helping to keep their friends and the teachers fed by delivering McDonalds chicken nuggets to them around the playground. We were also lucky enough to explore the Year 2 playground for a morning.

11th October

We have been looking at sorting into groups this week. When we were in the Outdoor Classroom, we collected a range of natural objects and sorted them into different colour groups. 

4th October

This week we had our first Fantastic Friday of the year! As we have started looking at Harvest and where some food comes from. We used some of the ingredients in our cooking. The jam tarts we made were very tasty!


27th September

Even though the weather has changed this week, that hasn't stopped us getting outside and exploring. In the rain we have been mark making in paint and bubbles, whilst in the wind we have been exploring kites and parachutes!


20th September

This week we have been creating and moving though obstacle courses. We were travelling across stepping stones, going through tunnels and hoops, and jumping over hurdles.

13th September

We have been enjoying exploring the grounds in our new school. We made the 3 little pigs' house to keep safe from the Big Bad Wolf, enjoyed dancing and singing on the stage. 



24th January