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Crofton Anne-Dane

Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

 Autumn 1

We are so pleased to welcome back the Year 6 students. They have made a fantastic start to the year; showing a real want to learn and have fun with their friends.

A week in Year 6 

Design a space vehicle

The children have been developing their writing skills using lots of different stimuli. One week, the children designed their own space vehicle to help write a NCR. Once they had designed their vehicle, they generated words and phrases about the shuttle.

Here are some examples of work:


In maths, the children have been recapping on place value and number facts such as multiples, factors, square numbers and prime numbers. The children have been using these skills to help solve calculations using the four operations involving word problems.

Here are some examples of the children's work:

A week in Year 6

This week Year 6 have been working incredibly hard in maths. They have been working towards securely using the four operations. Long division has been tough but due to their resilience and deep thinking they got there.



The children have been creative with their writing and have taken on the roll of a character from the book Can You See Me, which they have been studying in guided reading. They had the task to write a diary from Tally's perspective on her first day at Secondary School.

Here is an example:





Finally, the children have been true scientists and have been out in our outdoor learning area seeing if we have the right soil to grow a melaleuca shrub; the food a tree lobster eats.



A week in Year 6

Year 6 have returned to school after half term to a new project. The children will be studying Ancient Civilisations, starting with the Egyptians. So far they have discovered where Egypt is, when the civilisation began and ended and why the River Nile is so important to them. 

The children are preparing to entertain by writing their own Egyptian version of a fairy tale, inspired by the Egyptian Cinderella book.

Please follow the link below to hear the story:


Watch this space for some examples of work.

In maths, the children have been recapping over what a fraction is, how to find equivalent fractions, what a mixed and improper fraction is and use all this knowledge to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.


Finally, in science the children have been looking at friction and resistances. They have been developing investigations to work out how to ensure a scuba diver can travel at a safe speed through water. They have also analysed their data by looking for anomalies and finding solutions to gather more accurate data.


A week in Year 6

Anti-Bullying Week started with a great effort from the children with them wearing their odd socks. 

The children have finished their Egyptian stories and they were fantastic. We had Egyptian Hansel and Gretel being captured by a Pharaoh; Little Red Riding Hood where Anubis was the wolf and Three Billy Goats Gruff where the crocodiles were ready to attack. 

Here are some examples of the children's stories:


The children have continued studying Ancient Egypt and this week they have been developing their knowledge of mummification - hands on style!





A week in Year 6

The children have finished their Egyptian project and what a fantastic job they did; displaying all their knowledge they had acquired. 

The children created their own Ancient Egyptian artefact (with display case) which was put on display at the Crofton Anne Dale Museum.


The children also displayed their knowledge through their writing skills. Each child chose an area of interest and create a pop-up non-fiction page or a non-fiction page with a moving element. These were engaging to read and fun to play with!

A week in Year 6

As Christmas is on it's way, the children have been learning about the Magi and the Christmas story. They have also been analysing traditional hymns and popular Christmas songs to help them write their own Christmas poem/song for an insert to a Christmas card.

Here are some examples:


Project 1 in Year 6 lockdown!

Since lockdown started in January, Year 6 have continued to work incredibly hard showing their deep thinking, independence and creativity: both in school and at home.

First, the children studied the book Pig Heart Boy. In this book they discovered that the main character has a poorly heart and was in need of a heart transplant - from a pig! The children started to learn about the human heart and its role in the circulatory system. They then used this knowledge to compare a human heart to a pig's heart through a heart dissection lesson. This was completed in school and at home.


The children continued to develop their scientific knowledge by studying the functions of blood. Once they had learnt about the key elements in blood, they created their own.


Along with all the amazing science work going on, the children were getting creative with their writing. They completed two pieces of writing: a balance argument, answering the question: Should animal's organs be used to prolong a human life? As well as a newspaper article about the xenotransplantation that took place.

Here are some examples of the newspaper articles which were produced at home:

Finally, the children were set the challenge to think about what affects the heart such as exercise, healthy diet and drugs an use this knowledge to create recipes for a particular dietary need. They then brought these recipes to life. I wonder, can you work out who this meal would be aimed at?

Project 2 in Year 6 lockdown!

The children have started their second project: Around the World in 80 Days: what will you discover?

The children have been inspired by the book: 80 Days Around the World and the TV show: Race Across the World.

Through these adventures, the children have been discovering what human and physical features the UK and North and South America have to offer. They were set the task to travel from Juneau in Alaska down to Ushuaia in Argentina. 

The children showed their understanding of physical features and topographical maps when creating salt dough maps.




Return to School. The new topic is: The Circus - What will you see?

The children returned to school, buzzing to see their friends and embrace the new topic. We kicked off the day by watching The Greatest Showman and eating popcorn! We then used the inspiration of the acts in the Greatest Showman to create our own performances. We had clowns, acrobats, magicians the lot! Here are just some snippets:




In art, the children have been looking at the use of colour: how to create different colours using only black, white and the primary colours paints. They have also been developing their use of proportion and perspective when creating a poster for their circus.


The children have been developing their scientific skills and discovering what can affect a circuit. They have now been set the challenge to use this knowledge, and their DT skills, to design and create a zoetrope which will: move smoothly; look aesthetically pleasing and have a working circuit to make it move. Here are some photos of the children during the design process - trying to work out how to attach the circuit to the structure.


Year 6's new topic is: Why are the Mayan different?

Week 1

Our new project was launched with a lego movie showing the discovery of a Mayan temple and the children set to work straight away. Year 6 were given more control over their own learning journey and the opportunity to lead their own learning by creating their own outcomes to show their understanding. As we predicted, the children flourished and created pieces of work that were unimaginable. We had movie trailers, presentations, interviews with the Mayans, 3D models of the temple (both with lego and paper), powerpoints and much more. The children were able to present their work to the class to demonstrate their understanding of who the Mayans were, when their civilisation existed, where in the world they lived and how their life compared to Anglo-Saxons (a previous topic researched that existed at the same time). The children also used the video to hook them into their writing: a news report on the discovery.




Week 2

The children continued to lead their own learning with the challenge of researching different aspects of Mayan life. We thought that the children had impressed us in week 1 but they completely blew us away with the level of work produced. There were cooking shows, news rounds, diary entries and all kinds of presentations. The continued to use the video as a hook for their writing; this time using it to help aid their adventure stories where the explorers discovered the temple.



Week 3

This week the children had to research about rituals in both Mayan times and in the Islamic religion. They also had to write to persuade judges that they could be the next Mayan god. The children had the choice of format they wished to present in. We had letters, speeches and applications. But one child really thought outside the box and preformed a sea shanty.

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