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COVID Information

COVID Information and Risk Assessments

September 2021 Risk Assessment COVID FAQ's

Statement on Educational Provision at CADF

Child Protection in event of partial closure or lockdown

DRAFT COVID19 Contingency Plan July 2021 

COVID Measures - 4th Jan 21 COVID Parent Protocols

Coronavirus COVID19 catch up premium plan 2020

When to send your child to school flowchart

Essential Provision Request Forms

Vulnerable Child - Essential Provision Request 2021

Critical Worker - Essential Provision Request 2021

Family Referral - Acts of Kindness (Solent) AOK

We are working with Acts of Kindness Community (Solent) to help support families through the challenges of COVID-19. Parents are able to complete the below form and return it to school and we will work with AOK on your behalf.


Acts of Kindness Community can help you with supplying the following:- Food, Clothing and Devices for home learning.

Family Referral Form

Lock Down Lunches - Affordable and Heathy Lunch Ideas

Link to Lockdown Lunch Ideas

Family Well Being Pack - School Nursing Team


Staggered Start and Finish Times * From Monday 8th March 2021 *

Drop Off Pick Up
Year R 9.00am 2.55pm
Year 1 8.50am 3.15pm
Year 2 8.40am 3.05pm
Year 3 8.50am 3.05pm
Year 4 8.45am 3.00pm
Year 5 8.55am 3.10pm
Year 6 8.40am 3.15pm

If you have children at both infant and junior school please arrive by the infant front gate where siblings may be dropped together at the infant child’s drop off time. Infant children will line up with their teacher and junior children will head off to their classroom independently. If you have more than one infant child, with or without a junior child as well, please use the later drop off time. So far, this system has worked really well.

If you have more than one child at the junior school, they may arrive together at the back gate at the earliest drop off time. We will monitor the impact this has and will have to adapt if the numbers become unmanageable but hope that this will work as it will make junior drop off easier for many families.

Please note – because we are allowing siblings to be dropped together, it is incredibly important that you do not arrive early for drop off and encourage your children to socially distance from children who are in other year groups. Even though they have a sibling in that year group, we do not want them to become a contact, requiring quarantine, if a case of COVID is confirmed. We keep the children in year group bubbles all day with the aim of minimising the spread of infection so would ask you to maintain this before and after school.

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