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New School Uniform from September 2020


We recently held a consultation with our parents about school uniform. It is five years since the Federation was formed and we now have a very strong federation identity and logo which we designed last year. The decision has been made to keep the blue uniform which we have in the infant school currently, with a white polo shirt, and gradually introduce this across the Federation starting in September and rolling out across the year groups over the next two to three years.

Please be assured that if you have the older style jumper or cardigan, this can still be worn.

Infant School Uniforms

New federation blue school jumper or cardigan to be worn with a grey skirt, dress or trousers, white polo shirt, and black shoes. Pale blue checked gingham dresses may also be worn in the summer.

PE kit: Navy blue shorts, pale blue tee shirts (also available at Skoolkit) and plimsolls.

Children will also need a pair of wellies, that they can keep in school.

Junior School Uniforms

In the winter the uniform consists of new federation blue school jumper or cardigan worn over white polo shirts, and with grey or black trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses.

In Summer, it consists of white polo shirts which may be worn with trousers, shorts or skirts in the same colour as for winter. Girls may wear pale blue gingham dresses.

Shoes should be enclosed black shoes, no heels. Sensible sandals which attach securely to the foot are permitted but must be worn with socks. No flip flops.

For PE a T-shirt in the appropriate house colour (available from the school office) and navy or black sports shorts. Outdoor games lessons need warm outer clothing such as a track suit or sweatshirt, and suitable footwear such as trainers. Children are asked to keep their P.E. kit in school at all times.

If children are engaged in Art / Craft work then they should wear a protective apron or art shirt.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery, apart from small stud earrings which should be removed for PE or taped over. The child must do this themselves.

Supplier: Skoolkit

www.skoolkit.co.uk Skoolkit Prices and Directions

The full range and additional items with the school logo may be bought directly from Skoolkit in Fareham or ordered on their website. Skoolkit also stock school branded book bags, fleeces, PE t-shirts etc.

When searching for the school on Skoolkit, please select "Crofton Anne Dale Federation" for the new uniform

Labelling Clothes

It is important that all uniform is clearly named, including shoes and PE kit, so that we can return lost items to the correct child.