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Crofton Anne-Dane

Enhanced Curriculum

There is a huge variety of additional provision across our federation, beyond the usual expectations of the curriculum in reading, writing, maths, science and foundation subjects. 

We offer nurture group, Little Troopers, children who care lunches, outdoor adventurers and a ‘good for life’ group which focuses on life skills and aspirations.  ELSA support is provided for some children, some children are invited along to breakfast club, and some children have dog mentoring or animal management provision. 

Children are invited to, allocated to or offered the provision for a variety of reasons; they may be in a low income bracket and qualify for pupil premium funding, they may not have the food at home to start the day with a healthy breakfast, they may come from a services family, they may be a young carer and therefore unable to attend clubs after school, or they may have a particular barrier to learning that could potentially be removed with some additional provision. Class teachers are asked to nominate children who they feel would benefit from the provision and where spaces are available this is then timetabled for the child. For the autumn term teachers from the last academic year are asked to suggest children who required the additional input / opportunity.  

Staff ensure no key learning is missed and adapt the timetable to make the best use of time in class when numbers may be lower than usual, due to children being out on enhanced provision, to target the other children – this may be key learning they are struggling with or some other enhanced opportunity.