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Crofton Anne-Dane

Starting School in Year R - September 2022

If your child is 4 or will turn 4 before 1st September 2022, they can start school in September 2022. 

Choosing a school for your child is such an important decision and we would be delighted to show you our school.


Feedback from a current Year R parent:

My son started school in September and the journey to starting school was far from what we had expected, despite him not knowing any different thankfully.

The communication from the school has been fantastic from day one and the first day of school was such a lovely experience for all of us despite the current issues regarding COVID. The teachers were so happy and welcoming and the environment was wonderful. The stay and play session outside was so valuable and my son felt comfortable almost instantly and couldn't wait to come back to big school.

Rain or shine the teachers welcome the children each morning with a big smile and I can honestly say my son goes to school with a big smile on his face and comes home with one too!

Click here to see what our current Year R children are doing in school

 Please contact the Infant School office if you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help. 

Tel: 01329 662025 

email: adminoffice@croftonannedale-inf.hants.sch.uk

Thank you